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Coloured Soul Yoga & Wellness

       Etobicoke Yoga Studio

If you’re looking for an Etobicoke Yoga Studio centred on serving YOU, look no further. 

Our Etobicoke-based yoga studio is a peaceful space that caters to all seeking attentive yoga class experiences.  Our studio is abundantly filled with healing and loving energies that honour the body and spirit of every yogi.  

Our mission is to provide transformation through practicing and living the understandings of yoga. Our teaching style is meant to guide yogis on the journey of yoga beyond the mat.

Loredana Bruno

Etobicoke Yoga Studio Instructor

Loredana began her journey on the yogic path in 2013 when the universe handed her the invitation. Since then, her love for the practice has led her to opening Coloured Soul Yoga in Etobicoke. She is a certified RYT, with over 200 hours of teacher training for Hatha Yoga and expanded knowledge in Yin Yoga.

Loredana creates a yogic experience that encourages bodily health and awakens emotional calmness. In each class she promotes total health through the discovery of the body, mind, and soul. Loredana’s gentle heart and dedication to her practice emanate in every class she instructs. Her students are left to find their own self inquiry and yogic light within.

Tracy Hildebrand

Etobicoke Yoga Studio Instructor

Tracy has had the honour of being taught by many inspirational teachers, each with their own unique teachings. Tracy is a Registered Medical Herbalist, Thai Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor and currently a student of Registered Massage Therapy.

She creates a nurturing and safe space where one may renew the body, mind and soul. In this, she believes we have a natural ability to heal when supported on all levels. From that support we draw on our innate wisdom for wholeness and well being.

Michelle McCaffrey

Etobicoke Yoga Studio Instructor

Yoga called Michelle in 2003 and she loves the calm, happy feeling it brings.  For her, Yoga is like standing in the forest and breathing pine, sunshine, and sweet earth. Michelle enjoys the yogic stories, philosophy, and how the practice connects us to embody the rhythm and flow of nature and the Universe. Michelle is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).

Her enthusiasm for both the active breath-inspired expressions and nurturing yin forms creates a joyful integrated practice.  A class with Michelle is an opportunity to understand Yoga from the inside out.

Claudia Richer

Etobicoke Yoga Studio Instructor

Claudia found yoga at a time in her life when she needed it most.  As an avid practitioner, she received her RYT Yoga Alliance and completed the 230 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. In addition, Claudia has enhanced her skill set with a Yoga fit level 1 and 2 certificates and is always looking to broaden her knowledge.

Claudia is passionate about making each individual feel welcomed, safe and unique.  As a living example, Claudia inspires and supports students in strengthening their overall wellness through a steady, consistent and dedicated yoga practice.  In a class with Claudia, you can expect to be encouraged to try new things while at the same time discovering something about yourself.

Neha Poduval

Etobicoke Yoga Studio Instructor

Neha is a Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher from the Sivananda lineage. Hailing from India, she has been practicing yoga from a very early age and is especially passionate about staying true to the classical teachings of Traditional Yoga.  Passionate about Pranayama (proper breathing), Neha emphasizes the importance of breath to energize and rejuvenate the body and mind.  Believing that yoga is for Every-Body, her yoga classes focus on gradually increasing flexibility while developing strength through the asanas practice.  Neha teaches acceptance of the body in its current state and seeks to encourage practitioners to move with awareness and towards a well-balanced state.  Her class will challenge you while at the same time teach you how to practice Ahimsa, the art of non-violence towards ourselves and others.

Nadine Kaoukdji

Etobicoke Yoga Studio Instructor

Nadine has been an avid fitness and wellness enthusiast for as long as she can remember. Her favorite place is where people are gathered to breathe, sweat and go through challenges together. When she stumbled upon yoga, she never looked back. Nadine went on to complete her Yoga Teacher Training and set out to embark on a path that combines her passion for both fitness and yoga. Nadine’s love for yoga can be felt in her classes, where she promotes a positive, encouraging and non-judgmental atmosphere. She creates a safe and unique experience of awareness, accomplishment, and fulfillment through a series of movements in each of her classes. Nadine always encourages others to commit to long-term fitness and health goals.

Coloured Soul Yoga Classes in Etobicoke

Stillness of Yin

A Yin yoga practice creates space and ease with longer held floor postures that relax the muscles and target the deep connective tissues of the body.  Likewise, Yin yoga is a grounding and meditative practice as well as a beautiful way to compliment an active Yang lifestyle.

Innergy Hatha Blend

Innergy Hatha Blend is a guided practice through a sequence of traditional Hatha postures that allows one to sense the energetic body. While the physical body unwinds, the thought body expands by themes shared to strengthen our self-knowledge. The practice integrates  with a supported longer resting period, and an optional essential oil forehead massage.   Find your practicing bliss through inspiration, movement, and repose.

Total Body Yogalates

Total Body Yogalates is a full body-sculpting routine blending Yoga and Pilates movements together.  This class activates the core, tones the buttocks and increases flexibility.  A unique and dynamic fusion that ignites one’s energy and offers a top to bottom tone-up.   This 1-hour session will challenge the abdominal, sculpt the thighs and stimulate muscle groups simultaneously through a series of yoga flows and Pilates movements.

Sweet Surrender-Hatha & Yin Fusion

The still practice of Yin and the balancing benefits of Hatha come together as an invitation to surrender your body while embracing limitations & exploring possibilities. This creative fusion navigates through your being in search of expansion and gratitude.

Vin-Yin Yoga

Vin-Yin Yoga is an invigorating Vinyasa flow that meets a surrender to yin.  In this class, we blend the best of both modalities. You can expect an upbeat flow sequencing in the first half followed by down-tempo release and static mat practice in the second half. Our approach is compassionate and intuitive, non-judgmental and creative as we aim to encourage freedom within. Come prepared with a light heart and an open mind.

Yoga Foundations

Yoga Foundations is a class that introduces the fundamentals of yoga with an explanation of the postures complemented by instruction on the correct breathing techniques. We teach yogis how to acquire the strength, flexibility and balance needed to accomplish yoga postures. Yoga Foundations is conducted at a very relaxed pace and focuses on alignment so that students can ask questions.  This class is an educational approach to yoga that develops your yoga practice across all genres. Come and enjoy the challenge and embrace the change.

Gentle Soul Hatha

A gentler, mindfully-paced Hatha yoga class with a therapeutic focus in an atmosphere of safety and comfort.   The poses in this class emphasize on breath and guide our bodies into balance, strength, and flexibility. Movements of the practice foster an environment of compassion, acceptance and self-love while removing fears and emotional challenges of doing yoga.  Come and nourish the soul and guide yourself into a life of steadiness and ease.

Morning Renewal Flow

Enjoy smart Yoga designed to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the mental tension & common imbalances in the modern body that arises daily.   This class will renew your energy, stretch your body, and gently tone your muscles. Following a morning meditation, we’ll flow with breath in Sun Salutations of the Classical Version and Sun Salutations A&B variations excluding Chaturanga movements.  The cool-down focuses on poise, posture and balance, and leads to a 10 min restorative pose to close the practice and prepare you for your day.

Gentle Restorative Flow

Gentle Restorative Flow is excellent for everyone. This class is designed to relieve stress and tension throughout.  We begin with a meditative experience, incorporated with a deep and relaxing practice in which traditional yoga poses become modified for supreme comfort and nourishment.  Integration of the class comes together in an extended Shavasana with yogic breathing and guided relaxation.  We trust that you will leave feeling renewed and restored.

CSY Restorative Crystal Healing

(every first Friday of the month)

Restorative Yoga and Healing Crystals come together to melt away everyday stress, anxiety and tension.  Indulge in this opportunity to reconnect with your true essence as you relax into soothing restorative poses designed to calm the nervous system and allow for a more tranquil mind, body and spirit. Our healing crystals offer profound benefits and help to open up our energy body and restore balance, while the string of yoga poses encourages rest to rejuvenate the body.

CSY Yoga Nidra

(every second Friday of the month)

Center yourself and de-stress with a centuries-old practice that calms the mind and soothes the soul.   Yoga Nidra translates to “yogic sleep” This group meditation starts with movements that loosen up the joints of the body.  Breathwork follows to silence the mind and prepare us for a Shavasana meditation.  Yoga Nidra can assist in expanding self-awareness, restructure self-defeat, and support in healing health imbalances. Once the meditation is complete, movement is introduced to invite the flow of energy and release any neuro-muscular knots.


(every third Friday of the month)

CSY MELT Yoga is a whole-body practice focused on healing through movement infused with Traditional Thai massage. It allows one to experience body-sensing through a series of dynamic yoga postures with rhythmical acupressure movements.  This combination assists with the release of tension, to improve circulation and creates a free-flowing subtle body.  A Thai steamed compress, known as Luk Pra Kob, is included to soothe and melt muscles and joints. Experience this unique class designed to assist with ailments, restore energetic balance, and support good health and well-being.

CSY Yindulge

(every fourth Friday of the month)

YIN-dulgence is about surrendering to poses and silencing the mind. These poses work on the connective tissue, joints, and fascia without the use of muscle activity to push deeper.  Poses are held for several minutes to allow muscles to relax, as the connective tissue lengthens and strengthened.  The long-held poses also increase the mobility and the stability of our joints.  Join us for a meditative and body opening class that permits you to indulge in self.

Browse the calendar to book your next session at Coloured Soul Yoga & Wellness in Etobicoke:

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Our Etobicoke yoga studio excitedly awaits you! We welcome all levels of yoga and pilates, so there’s no need to worry. Here’s what you should know:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is flexible and lightweight to all classes. We encourage you not to wear clothing that is over-sized or heavy so as to allow our teachers to see your body alignment supporting a safe practice.  T shirts, leggings, or shorts are recommended.
  • Our Yoga and Pilates are practiced in bare feet. Please leave your street shoes in reception upon entering.
  • While most people bring their own mat, if you’re just getting started or forgot yours, standard yoga mats are available for your use in the studios. We require that you clean them after each use.
  • If you have long hair, it’s helpful to have it tied back.
  • Please arrive 15 min prior to the start time to secure your spot.  Priority to class spots will be given to those who register online for classes ahead of time.  We have tea so feel free to come even earlier or stay after.
  • If you do come late please enter quietly. You may be asked to wait until an appropriate time to enter arises. If you have to leave a class early, please notify your teacher before the class begins
  • Our studio is a safe and non-competitive environment for opening, strengthening and healing your body with compassion and patience for yourself. Listen to your body and stop anytime you need to take a break.
  • We have change rooms on site with private changing spaces.
  • Talk to us. The Coloured Soul Yoga team is here to guide you through your own unique practice.  Ask us questions and let us know if you’re suffering from any physical ailments.
  • Our studio is AODA compliant and designed to offer smaller classes allowing our teacher to offer greater care and attention to our students.


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