our instructors

Loredana Bruno | E-RYT 5OO

Loredana focuses on inner alignment with the self through the opening of the organs, the bones, and the breath. She trusts that the physical practice of yoga lends itself to the expansion of grace within. Her teaching style is patient and accessible. Intrigued by yogic philosophy and devotional chanting, Loredana inspires practitioners in a down to earth way so that they may find themselves within themselves

Karina Barsegiants | RYT 200

Karina’s movement practice is robust, with an emphasis on alignment and breath. She believes in the playful exploration of the body’s ranges of motion. Karina will challenge you to dive into building strength with accessibility to support and improve natural movement patterns. She offers a class experience that accentuates the posture needed in our everyday life.


Eula Bueno | RYT 200 + 350

Eula guides practitioners mindfully through intentional poses and transitions to restore and renew the body, mind, and soul. Specialized in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and meditation, she emphasizes the importance of connecting each movement with the breath as the pathway to alignment. Inspired by her practitioners, she reciprocates a yoga practice pervading with gratitude. Eula is nurturing and rejuvenating.


Melissa Morris | RYT 200 + PRENATAL YOGA TEACHER

Melissa loves sharing the joy of yoga with practitioners of various levels of experience. Her light-heartedness and contagious uplifting energy concentrate on alignment with muscular and core connection. From this foundation, Melissa teaches, powerful yang flows, and slow yin melts. Her magical teaching style is a gift to all, and especially mothers-to-be and women living the hectic life of motherhood.


Brian Henderson | 500 RYT + 500 KRIPALU YOGA TEACHER

Brian is on a life-long yoga journey of inquiry and joy.  His passion for the practice led him to become a Kripalu yoga teacher so that he might share the many, often profound, benefits of yoga with others.  Kripalu is the yoga of compassion, a lineage that cultivates self inquiry without judgement, on and off the mat.   And that inquiry is physical, mental and emotional.  Folks who practice with Brian can expect supportive, non-judgemental, and enthusiastic guidance rooted in a range of expertise and training. 


Trisha Sevilla | 500 RYT

Trisha shares yoga with a curious delight that invites students to pay attention to themselves and their bodies in a deep and non-judgemental way. She teaches an inquisitive and reflective practice that is inspired by yoga, influenced by dance and informed by science. Trisha’s classes are dynamic and playful.  As a student of Osteopathy, she brings your anatomy to life and offers a chance to explore body-centred self-awareness to connect with the beauty of the self healing and self-regulating beings we all are.